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Chuck   Sadosky
singer / songwriter / producer  

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​Latest  News 2024

Lattice Worxx Studio & Publishing LLC has purchased the previously leased studio property. The good news is that because technology for studio equipment has dramatically reduced in size, a business plan is being completed for the studio production to also go mobile with an modified RV. The RV would house production work space and give music  flexibility with a means to travel. We are hopeful that home concerts and live music being revived will allow this new studio business plan to materialize.
This paragraph is the type I have weakness and difficulty writing: 
Your support for our music over the years has always been overwhelming and so greatly appreciated. Looking forward in 2023 we know this change will not be an easy undertaking; we are depending on your gracious funding for this project to be fulfilled, we look to friends and fans of Chuck Sadosky, Lattice Worxx Studio & Publishing LLC for your gracious gifts. Please take a moment to send your support below. As always, thank you for your love. 
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