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Hi. The events of late remain overwhelming. As a songwriter, sometimes the words needed are beyond my reach; beyond my very grasp. I continue sending newsletters to you who are fans & subscribers, but more important to you who I know may be scared, suffering, afraid and even angry. Most of us are saying this struggle is not fair. The best I can do is to write something promoting optimism and hope. I was in the studio a short time ago and I was consumed by a phrase; which I quickly built a song around: Share your love, Share your love, Set each other free. We have released two videos; one in English and one now in Spanish by request. The videos are my first Rap efforts:"Share Your Love". The song video is being shared mostly on Face Book and You Tube. There is a studio mix released in July as promised (thank you Mari for your rap vocals).


I leave here a message I sent out in the past which expresses my heart...

My thoughts remain the same for this year, for this decade, especially in these times: I hunger for the removal of hatred. I hunger for the removal of injustice. I hunger for the removal of our crimes against one another. I hunger for the removal of bullying at any age. I hunger for the removal of disease in mind and body. I hunger for wisdom and strength to be part of that removal.

Share your love, share your love; set each other free.

Chuck Sadosky


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