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More news from Chuck...

Hi, thanks for coming to this site. My career has been reinvented after drifting away for too many years. I began writing, performing gigs, publishing, and producing when I was around 14. My first trips into the studio to record songs I had written was at 15. I play mostly guitar, drums and percussion, plus most of the vocals. 95% of what you hear played on these songs is me. Most of my background has been in R&B, adult contemporary,rock just recently moving into country pop where I won an award for Dreamer in 2016.I love minors and dissonance in my music. The internet brought me back in touch with so many great musicians who I had worked with over the years. HEY! you know we love to hear from you, so write and and check out the merch. Thanks for listening, reading and letting me ramble. Have the best of 2019. Peace...
Chuck Sadosky